Contender Stocks by RJ Renner

Introducing the Retro Classic™ Contender Stock

Our Retro Classic Contender stock is a tribute to the stock designs of Monty Kennedy, Roy Weatherby and Harry Lawson. Their bold concepts came about as the result of our shift from open sights to scopes on rifles beginning in the late 1940s. However, it wasn't long before shooters realized that the “classic” pattern comb of the past was just too low for comfortable shooting. Monte Carlo combs and roll-over cheekpieces became the new "classic" which dominated rifle stock design for decades.

With the development of more hard-kicking magnum rifles, it became apparent, too, that the comb needed to be higher and more in line with the rifle bore – the center-line of recoil. Adding a substantial thumbhole to the stock, a' la Harry Lawson, also provided better control of the rifle for those long-range shots at distant game. Such designs helped tame the big magnums considerably and set the standard for a new breed of very racy-looking rifles.

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Our extreme thumbhole and full pistol grip design allows perfect control of the rifle lending to superb accuracy.

While "extreme" in design, our Retro Classic stock provides a comfortable, perfect ergonomic fit for most shooters which allows them to extract the best accuracy from their Contender rifles. That perfect fit results, in part, from the Wundhammer palm swells and the extreme angle of the full pistol grip.

The Retro Classic is a true ambidextrous design where one side mirrors the other exactly.

High-grade walnut is the standard wood used in crafting our Retro Classic™ stocks and each is expertly fitted and finished and ready for your simple installation on your Contender rifle. Other high-grade wood is available upon request and must be quoted for price and delivery.

The Retro Classic forearm wears a contrasting tip of exotic Gaboon ebony and is designed to fit 23 - 24 - inch bull barrels.

The forearm of the Retro Classic™ is designed to fit Contender bull barrels of the 23 - 24" length. A forearm tip of contrasting wood is a standard feature and a variety of woods are available for the tip.

Top view of the Retro's ambidextrous roll-over saddle cheekpiece.

A roll-over saddle cheekpiece provides ambidextrous versatility and makes the Retro Classicvery comfortable to shoot from either side of the stock. If you are a right-hand shooter, you, like others, may discover that you can shoot the Retro Classic left-handed with the same ease and accuracy as you do right handed - and vice-versa.  It's actually fun to shoot from the other side!

Bottom view of Retro's gracefully-sculptured contours.

Whichever side of the stock you favor, we're sure you will find that the quality and beauty of our Retro Classic stock will make your Contender your most versatile and favorite rifle.

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G2 Contenders

We expect that there will be requests for our Retro Classic™ stocks for  G2 rifles also. Please contact us for further details regarding your interest and the expected time of delivery of G2 stocks.


The price below is for Contender STOCKS ONLY. 
We DO NOT sell complete Contenders. 

That said, the cost for carving, fitting and finishing our Basic Retro Classic Contender stock as seen above is $800. The price does not include the wood. We will introduce you to our wood supplier and you can purchase what you like directly from the source.

For those customers who would like a dedicated right or left-hand stock, without the ambidextrous cheekpiece on both sides, we can provide that feature at no extra cost.

Terms and Conditions

Presently it will take us 7 - 9 weeks to complete your order for the Retro Classic™ stock once we receive your wood. Payment may be made by personal or company check, postal money order, or gold or silver. Major credit cards are also accepted, however, there is an additional 3% charge for credit card payments. 

Instructions for payment will be provided when you place your order.

We appreciate your interest and invite you to e-mail or call us if you have further questions.

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About me

I've had a love/hate relationship with TC Contenders for over 25 years. I started with two pistols, both Super 14s, one in .223 Rem and the other in 7-30 Waters; both were far more accurate than I could shoot and I quickly got bored with them. What I really wanted was a rifle that was based on that wonderful, little single-shot action. I looked at the carbine stocks available and was completely turned off. Being a stockmaker, among other things, the factory Contender stocks offended my sensibilities as it appeared that they were designed by gorillas to compete in a "Who can make the ugliest canoe paddle?" contest.

For years I fooled around with stock designs for the Contender that would make not only a comfortable stock, but also one that pleased the eye with superior design and beauty. Because I love good wood it also had to have a very high WOW! factor. It took a while, but I finally hit on the combination of features, lines, and dimensions that made the clouds part and angels sing sweetly - at least for me, anyway.

Taking the new creation to the range, other Contender aficionados quickly gathered 'round who convinced me that I really needed to share this stock with other Contender fans. Which is why we're here now!

I have been blessed to be in the firearms industry all of my adult life having been involved in grip making, stock making, firearms design, manufacturing and testing, and then onto an editor/writer gig for a few major gun magazines. Presently I customize Ruger No.1s, No.3s, and M77s but continue to dabble in many other things - like Contender stocks.


RJ Renner